Press Release 3/9/2020

New Product


Finally, a dental mirror that dramatically improves your view

A truly innovative advancement in dental mirror technology, theFlipMirror®, allows for improved intra-oral access and visualization while decreasing operator fatigue.  theFlipMirror® is a double-sided, dual position dental mirror that flips between a 35 and 90 degree angle.  

Using theFlipMirror® makes it much easier to retract or displace the tongue or cheeks while facilitating improved visualization of difficult to see areas.  

New to the market, theFlipMirror® comes in three colors, is manufactured in the USA and is completely autoclavable.

      "This mirror is innovative and fun to use!  It retracts the cheek and

       tongue more efficiently and has a mirror on both sides!  I'd love to  

       have one of these mirrors in every instrument kit.                                                                                    

       Kimberly Lovell BSDH, MEd.

       Instructor-Periodontics Department

       Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health


theFlipMirror® truly is one instrument that makes everything easier.

Now available at