theFlipMirror® Story

TheFlipMirror was developed by a clinical dentist to improve intraoral visibility, to facilitate better retraction and to allow for easier tongue and tissue displacement.  At first, a rigid 90-degree mirror was tested to see if it would work to push the tongue out of the way.  Then, a hinge was developed to allow movement between 90-degrees and the traditional 35-degree angle.  This was followed by designing the mirror to be double sided, greatly improving its use for visualization.  Subsequently, 8 prototypes were tested to determine the best, safest and most durable autoclavable material and to determine the ideal resistance in the hinge.  Much credit for its success goes to the staff at A.T. Still, AZ School of Oral Health, who ran the prototypes through numerous autoclave cycles, and to the clinical faculty and other colleagues for their many suggestions in the development of the ruler, cracked tooth checker and marketing materials.